Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Summer might not officially start until June but May is undoubtedly my favourite summer month.

There's a sense of excited anticipation in the air as the days get warmer, the nights get shorter and the holidays get closer.

It's as if the sunny days are a last-minute dress-rehearsal for summer; they don't take themselves too seriously, there are a few hiccups along the way, but they perform with all their might and are often the brightest and warmest of the season.

The hedgerows wear their new, green coats with a dandyish swagger, the trees battle to outdo one another with their excessive displays of splendour and people visibly relax as they feel the sun on their skin and smile as catch their first scent of barbecued steak.

It's warm enough to leave the house coat-less but not so warm that we have to worry about shaved legs and summer shoes, and even if it rains we can relax in the knowledge that it's still only May and the summer has not yet begun.

Above all, May is a month full of freedom, as I will always associate it with exams, and I cannot help but revel in the guilty pleasure that I feel in reading in the garden instead of revising late into the night.

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