Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Three in a Boat!

It's something that James dreamed about long before the little boy was conceived and something he planned for long before he was born. The infant life jacket was bought weeks before the cot!

On Monday, five weeks and four days after John arrived in the world, he took his first trip in a canoe.

It was a day full of high expectations, bright sunshine, new places, blustery breezes, hot chocolate, doting grandparents, photographs, and momentous family firsts.

We might have only been on the water for less than an hour but it was wonderful to see James' smile, to feel the rock of the canoe, and bask in a sense of inevitability and accomplishment.

I still get phased by the practicalities of baby-maintenance in public and there were a few moments where I almost let the unfamiliarity of the situation get the better of me. But the boy was wonderfully calm and after some initial uncertainty about the comfort of the life jacket he seemed quite at peace on the water and used it as yet another opportunity to sleep.

We left Maesbury with fresh air on our faces and satisfaction in our smiles. It would have been easy to have resented this over-anticipated experience but it was actually a great privilege to help James realise a long-held ambition and to be part of the picture when the dream came true.

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  1. I love your phrase 'the practicalities of baby-maintenance in public' - I know exactly what you mean. Makes you feel very exposed, doesn't it?

    I'm sure the canoeing felt like a back to the womb experience for your little man, warm, watery sounds, gentle rocking. Actually, I feel like a bit of a paddle myself now!