Friday, 25 June 2010

Right Now...

Right now you are:

* exactly three months old

* weighing 19lb 4oz, the average weight of an eight-month old

* still enchanted by a myriad of silly noises (Boing! Weeeeeee! Babababababa! Mooo!)

* breaking off mid-feed to talk to me, or just to check that I'm still there

* sitting happily for hours in your bouncy chair

* finding your bouncy chair being transported to a number of different locations (the beach, the garden, the dining room, other peoples houses)

* desperate to stand at every possible opportunity

* wrapping your fingers round my top and holding on tightly whilst you feed

* dribbling absolutely everywhere!

* fascinated by watching us eat and smiling with every bite

* the master of moving your hands to your mouth and sucking frantically on your fist

* not so good at finding your thumb, though not for want of trying

* a very talkative little mite, especially when standing

* starting to love bath time now that you've learned how to splash

* grabbing anything that comes into contact with your hands, and spending hours exploring the texture of your soggy muslin cloths

* waking twice during the night for feeds but falling straight back to sleep

* able to pull yourself up to standing on your super-strong little legs!

... and of course it goes without saying, you're very, very, very loved!

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