Monday, 12 July 2010


The washing up is done, the leftovers are put away, but remnants of the party still linger in every corner of the house and every crevice of my mind.

Last night, snatches of conversation and snapshots of smiles kept me company through the long hours before dawn, and I welcomed them into my sleepless mind, knowing that their clarity would fade all too fast.

Today, the house feels empty, I feel flat, and kind wishes on my windowsill do nothing to fill the void left by so much fleeting happiness.

Excess always leaves me feeling tired and sick, and displays of emotion always make me tearful so perhaps it's not surprising that the intoxicating joy of yesterday has left me weak and exhausted today, or that the love that was shared has meant that I'm liable to sob at the slightest provocation, whether it's the kind words in John's christening cards, or the pictures in 'Guess How Much I Love You'.

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