Monday, 26 July 2010

Blackcurrant Jam

When the boy was finally asleep I put on pyjama bottoms and pink socks, and set about making jam.

The house was dusty, my back was crawling with cramp, but for a few stolen hours housework and mothering were forgotten and all that mattered was warm sugar, hot glass and bubbling, boiling blackcurrants.

By midnight the kitchen was painted purple, the house smelled vaguely of hot newspaper and burning sugar, setting point seemed like an unattainable ideal and I had eaten so much molten jam that my lips were stuck and stained.

But by bedtime thirteen warm jars of blackcurrant jam were sitting on my work top and I was able to climb into bed with a feeling of sticky satisfaction, safe in the knowledge that something concrete had been accomplished, and dream of the delights of bread and jam for breakfast.


  1. Blackcurrant jam is one of the best isn't it? I envy your 13 jars. I only managed three jars this year. I followed a recipe that instructed me to 'boil briskly for 20 minutes'. Most of it burnt and what I could salvage has set so firmly you can slice it. The children like it but I made enough last yeat to last about 10 months.

  2. Blackcurrant jam is one of my favourites... but about the only flavour I have never made. It's the thought of all that topping and tailing that puts me off!

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  4. Hello! I'm probably another one of the many who have come to your blog via Ali's but just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading it. I've sat here for the past hour and read it in full, enjoying such lovely words and pictures.

    Your little boy is lovely. You must be very very proud.

    I will definitely be back! x

    PS: I love blackcurrant jam too, but this year seem to have been left with far too many redcurrants instead. It's just not the same! x