Friday, 9 July 2010

On a Quiet Afternoon

Somewhere far away, on a difficult week, a complete stranger read my words, felt my fears and responded with the kindest of comments.

Her thoughtfulness found me on a quiet afternoon when the clock ticked lethargically, John snored fitfully and the world outside my living room felt very remote.

Though nothing outwardly had changed my day was irrevocably altered. The clock still ticked, John still snored, but my muddled mind was touched by the understanding of others and in the midst of my confusion I felt connected.

I created my blog as a place to record my thoughts and chronicle the passing of time, and have felt hesitant about sharing it with others, but this simple comment not only brought tears to my eyes but also broadened my understanding of the possibilities of this space.

Thank you Ali for sending me kind words, understanding and enlightenment.


  1. Your space here is so very full of possibilities - because your writing reaches out and touches me. Please do let me know if you would like to open up your thoughts here to more people - I know many who would enjoy themselves visiting you, but have felt perhaps it was a private pleasure and so not mentioned it to them.

  2. Ali was the first commenter on my blog, she has a remarkable way of making you feel what you are doing is worthwhile. writing a blog is a joy in itself, the friendship it can bring is a truly amazing thing. xxx