Thursday, 22 July 2010


I picked blackcurrants whilst John bounced in his chair and James worked on the house.

As the hammer blows rang across the garden, shadows pooled beneath James' canoe and John squealed along to my nursery rhymes, I realised that this was exactly how I'd always imagined my grown-up life would be.


  1. Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading your posts (thanks to Domesticali's mention of you). Much of what you've written strikes a chord with me (except for the canoeing!)and I'm envious of how you write a short post that says so very much. John looks a darling. My little girl is almost 3 and I can say that it does get easier the more capable she becomes. She was also born 'big' and was growing out of her clothes way before the label age said she should be! I know now to not fret about that (and what it means for her future) as she is very tall for her age and it just depends on the manufacturer. I can now dress my 2 year old in clothes labeled age 4-5 without flinching! Looking forward to reading more.

  2. I'm here from Domesticali... and have loved reading your posts!

  3. I'm here from Domesticali too! Your writing is beautiful Helen. I shall be visiting often.

    Sue xx

  4. As above, I've come over from Domesticali. I'm so glad I did. Your writing is beautiful and so is baby John. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  5. And another one popping over from Domesticali! Thank you for blogging, your posts have taken me back seven years to when I first had my little boy. The dim and distant memories of loving a helpless little scrap so much it's overwhelming, feeding the little cherub with sore, cracked nipples (mine, not his!), the worry about how much he weighed, how much he was consuming (he never seemed to stop!), sleeping etc it all came rushing back in a warm wave of nostaligia as I read your posts.
    I was always used to be filled with doubt and consulted every book, some saw the inside of the bin faster than others! No one tells you about the culture shock you go through when you have your first child, some women seem to take to it like ducks to water, others (me) take a little longer to adjust.
    When I had my little girl I chilled, I couldn't find the books, so instead I followed my instincts and did what I wanted to do.
    I look at my loud, gregarious, confident, infuriating, gorgeous, amazing 7 and 4 year olds now and I don't know how they turned out so beautifully. It is easier than when they were babies (they wipe their own bottoms now!), but I still worry about whether I'm doing the right thing, are they eating too many sweets, are they learning enough, have they had their 5 a day, are they doing as well as their friends? But every so often I stop, watch them and try very hard to remember that moment, how they sound, their smiles, their shouts, their tantrums and I store those memories for later. Thank you for helping me stop and dig out some of these images of my (very) podgy little babe (you'd never guess he had been a spherical baby now).
    I'm not sure why I've written all of this, except to say I know what you mean and you aren't alone!
    I love your post about black currants, we have some in our garden too, but I have no idea what to do with them, any ideas?!

    Take care,

    a-m x