Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Back to School

Last week we slid unceremoniously back into term time in a haze of sickness and a daze of exhaustion. The endless stretch of the summer holidays had slipped away and suddenly we were faced with a new routine of early mornings, quiet afternoons and bustle before bedtime.

I expected the change to leave me unsettled, but the sun's taken my hand and led me so gently into autumn that the stress of the new school year seems distant.

Yes, I'm sad that the promise of summer has gone, and yes, I'm sorry to see James back at school, but at the same time there's a calm that comes from slowing our pace and a contentment in low expectations.

Today, as the sun shone lazily through hazy skies and leaves flushed crimson in the heat, we sat quietly beside the Mere. I read a few pages in the stillness of the afternoon air, John slept with his feet in the sun and together we basked in the pleasure of an ordinary day.

Loneliness and monotony might be chasing my heels and isolation might be lurking behind the next rain cloud but for now I'm enjoying the swan song of summer and taking care to appreciate the calm before the storm.

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  1. 'a contentment in low expectations' - you put it so beautifully.