Monday, 6 September 2010

For One Night Only

At four in the morning, after three long hours of fitfully refusing his cot, he finally settled himself to sleep in our bed.

I lay awkwardly in the little space between him and the edge of the bed watching him grapple with that elusive enemy sleep and listening to his groans fading and re-forming like waves.

I felt his chest rise and fall beneath my hand, I watched his eyelids flicker as he slipped between sleeping and waking and I waited patiently for slumber to descend.

When we awoke to the dim light of dawn my body felt stiff but my soul felt rested.

I know that co-sleeping is not really for us and that bad habits are easily formed, but in those few stolen hours my babe and I had slept heart to heart and for one night only it was bliss.


  1. I used to feel the same way about Maxi, but with Mini co-sleeping is a dream and even now at 4 years old, I love the warmth of his little bidy as he sneaks in at about 5 in the morning and goes back off to sleep.

  2. our elsa was tucked in between us at 4am this morning...her daddy brought her in from her cot where she was sitting up and crying. we all got off to sleep again at about 6am...and then got up for breakfast at 6.30am! sigh. like you i loved having her there snuggled in the middle but it didn't make for a settled snooze. an early night tonight...all in our own beds! love your blog and baby tales by the way.

  3. Hello I've just found you by way of The Quince Tree. We're just over those sort of nights and they are magical and awful all in one go.

    Have a good nights sleep tonight, Ax

  4. Our youngest slept with us for a couple of years because I just couldn't keep getting out of bed to see to him. Waking 25-30 times was a good night..... It felt sooo strange when I finally got him sleeping in his own bed but he must have been about six when he spent a whole night on his own without creeping back in to our bed.