Saturday, 25 September 2010

Six Months Old

Little boy, you delight in the world and the world delights in you.

You are the happiest baby ever born; the one who will giggle uncontrollably at the wobble of a jiggly slipper and collapse at the sight of your mummy in a hat; the one who will bestow rapturous smiles on strangers in supermarkets, charm old ladies in churches, greet acquaintances as though they were favourite uncles and bewitch besotted grandparents with smiles.

You are the boy who sees all children as magicians and all babies as playmates, who giggles at his reflection in the mirror and chuckles at the first whisper of a 'boo'. You're the one whose smile is so wide that people stop in their tracks to grin, and whose delight in a smile returned manifests itself in arm-flapping, bottom-jumping and hiccups. You're the boy who laughs in his sleep.

Your presence brightens a room and your passion for life is limitless. You're an explorer and a discoverer, a wonderer and wriggler; a watcher, a babbler, a bouncy bundle of a boy.

Six months ago I could not anticipate the enthusiasm and elation that could be wrapped in such a tiny form or conceive of the boundless happiness that your presence could bring to my life.

You smile at the world and the world smiles back at you.

You are a joy; a miracle; an utterly perfect delight.

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