Saturday, 2 October 2010

All Good Gifts Around Us...

I filled the house with the scent of flowers, cut branches from the hedgerows, gathered apples from the garden and strewed the kitchen floor with leaves.

I worked frantically to the schedule of a sleeping boy and when I was done I walked down the lane to the church will flowers in my arms and a baby on my back.

Standing on a pew in the sacred silence of the empty church listening to John's squeals ring round the rafters I thought of the generations of women before me who had gathered their harvest bounty and offered them up with thanksgiving.

Some rituals can feel antiquated when set amidst the chaotic realities of everyday life but this one placed our days in a long tradition of yesterdays and bound our many blessings with those that have been poured out on the undeserving ever since time began.

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  1. Another beautiful post - you write so well. Thank you.