Thursday, 7 October 2010

A Glimpse

The package that dropped on my doormat was fat with promise and heavy with unexpected potential.

It weighed story-book heavy in my hands and when I ripped open its gluey corners two un-ordered books dropped into my lap.

They were copies of 'The Harvest', an anthology of short stories that had been promised to me some three years ago and completely forgotten about in the interim.

On its front cover my name was spelt out in capitals and inside its pages was a story that I had written many years ago, at a time when I practiced short-hand by day and created characters with my knees under the duvet by night.

Seeing my words laid out on the clean white pages of this little book was like flicking back to an earlier chapter of my life and re-reading the lines of a dream that has been written on my soul for as long as I can remember.

'The Harvest' might not be a particularly impressive book and its publication might not matter to anyone other than those with their names on the cover, but its arrival has linked me to a creative past that I'd all but forgotten about and given me a glimpse of a future that's just waiting to be written...


  1. How exciting! I love how your reminder of a creative past landed (literally) on your doorstep! How apt! And the cover is beautiful.

  2. I knew, I just knew you had to be a writer. Hooray for publication!

  3. Savour the moment :) Well done - it looks beautiful.

  4. I sincerely hope you will write more and more in the future. Your writing is beautiful, inspiring, succinct. Congratulations!