Thursday, 28 October 2010

I'm Trying

I'm trying not to think about the power tools that are turning our walls into windows in a frenzy of dust and destruction, or to dwell on the fact that my house is currently more holey than homely.

I'm trying not to remember the echoing emptiness of the rooms that we stripped of furnishings in the scramble to leave the house or to dwell on the forlorn loneliness of bookshelves shrouded in dust-sheets.

I'm trying not to imagine the wind that's whipping through the gaping windows in our living room or the dust that's being driven into drifts against the skirting boards. 

And instead, I'm trying to focus on the joy of clear skies and sunshine, family and freedom, and to savour a few short days of blissful abandon before we're bumped back to reality.

Some of the time I'm managing it.

1 comment:

  1. The benefits of fatherhood include the excuse to use a slide while pretending to do it just for your son. Later there is the model railway moment and then the trips to football/rugby/cricket (delete as appropriate). Oh, and then the joint trips to the pub to look forward to.

    Don't laugh - it will happen one of these fine sunny days.