Friday, 22 October 2010

My First

I cast on with the help of my mother, I knitted the button-holes with the help of my mother-in-law and I finished it with the help of YouTube.

Late at night, when the rest of the family were asleep, I sat in the quiet of the living room listening to the satisfying click and slide of my needles and watching my cardigan grow.

And now, just as the weather turns wintry and cruel winds start to strip the trees of their glory, the seams are stitched and  my boy is protected him from the cold.

It's just a simple sweater and it's rather on the large side, but I made it, it's my first, and I'm so very proud of it.


  1. O my! I should be congratulating you on the cardigan which is VERY NICE and you should be VERY PROUD of yourself.

    But what I am actually thinking is that little boy is ADORABLE.

  2. You should be proud! Knitting is a skill I've never been able to master. It looks lovely!