Wednesday, 20 October 2010

This Is Me

Over the past ten years I have been labelled a researcher, radio producer, cleaner, trainee journalist, dinner lady, telesales rep, marketing manager, student, admin assistant, freelance journalist, magazine editor, receptionist, data inputter, shop assistant, factory worker, medical receptionist, unpublished author, competition coordinator and waitress.

And whilst all of these labels have said something about the state of my life at various points in time, none have come close defining 'me'.

Right now I am simply a mother.

And despite the fact that I've never spent less time focusing on myself I've never felt better defined.

I know that many women feel that they loose themselves in the shadows when they take on the role of motherhood, but the shadows suit me just fine.

Here I have a purpose. Here I am fulfilled. Here I am comfortable and complete. Here I am finally 'me'.


  1. Really beautiful! I love your writing very much. Your story reminds me very much of my own. My "little" bundle of joy, however, is now sixteen years old and driving! Time flies, but the way you describe these early days I can relate to so very well.

  2. I love this post so much - I hope that it enables you to recapture that sense of wonder and fulfilment when you revisit it in the years to come.