Friday, 19 November 2010

Booties for Bethany

I had resigned myself to the fact that I would not have time to make a gift for my brand new niece, and I'd restrained myself from beginning ambitious projects that I couldn't possibly finish.

But when the news of her safe arrival reached us last week, somehow this pleasure became a priority.

So in the short evenings when I should have been decorating or at the very least cleaning, I sat with needle and thread and stitched booties for baby Bethany.

They are an adaptation of Heather Bailey's Bitty Booties pattern they're unbelievably cute.

Soft felt slippers and tiny baby toes - there can be few things in the world more wonderful than these.


  1. These are so pretty, I'm so impressed with your handiwork! You can't beat making something for a new baby, can you?

  2. They are so SIL bought my daughter some 5 yrs ago..she did wear them a few times..they are in her keepsake box..she made some for my next daughter 2 yrs ago..and they were even more special because she had taken the time to make them..they are in her little keepsake box too..they are something to treasure..and i'm pretty sure your niece will look lovely in them and hopefully her mum will keep them for her...

  3. So pretty. Love those ribbons.

  4. They're exquisite. I made some of these in the last weeks beofre I had youngest. She's now approaching two and a half. It's fascinating to see the different interpretations of this pattern (excuse the rather unusual tin box in this post):