Monday, 8 November 2010


Somehow, just two weeks after its emergence, John's tiny front tooth has been chipped.

There is no way to tell how he chipped it and there's no way to mend it now that it's done.

I've laddered my brain trying to determine the date of its denting, but his falls are too numerous to remember and his teeth are too tiny to see.

And so despite the fact that there's a jagged chip at the edge of my heart I simply have to accept that my brand new boy's brand new smile is destined to be marked by a dint.

I know that it's a small chip and that it doesn't bother him one bit, but I feel like a child who's broken their favourite present on Christmas afternoon; I ache with regret that something so perfect has been blemished and I shudder with horror at the thought that life is already chipping away at his smile.


  1. I won't tell you about the perils of rugby or hockey and you really don't need to know about the dubious delights of the orthodontist yet but I will tell you that John's smile is in his eyes and his arms reaching out to you and you can't chip those.

  2. I know just how you feel - Mark slipped in the bath when little and chipped his. But I did come to just see it as part of him and the hideous guilt went away. But I did feel so so very bad when it happened.

    Guilt, regret - it's a mother's lot!

  3. I know. I have cried when my son ground his front adult tooth to a powder in an accident at school. I cried when other things happened too. I am sure you are an an excellent mum and that these things happen. Your John is just so beautiful. I keep coming back to watch him grow. I thank you for sharing this with me as every baby is so precious and it is great that this little man is so loved.