Thursday, 11 November 2010

He Smiles

"Does he ever stop smiling?" the health visitor asks me after three hours in his sunny, smiley presence.

"When he bangs his head..." I reply flippantly, wondering whether I'm imagining the testy scepticism on the other mothers' faces.

"I don't think I've ever met such a smiley baby," she says as dribble splatters her shoe from John's wide, open grin.

I smile at my beautiful baby and watch my happiness bounce back to me with instantaneous interest. His eyes gleam, his lips stretch wide and a sound of pure glee gurgles in his throat.

It's a response that I've seen so many times before that it's greyed into normality and I'm suddenly startled afresh by the sheer brilliance of his joy.

Of course there are times when he does stop smiling, and there are even times when he cries, but his happiness is effortless and his smiles illuminate our days.

I'm often awed by his optimism and I'm always cheered by his smiles but such joyfulness is a gift, and I hope never to forget it.


  1. O he is sooo gorgeous..a happy smiley baby is the best thing in the world..i love it when my babies smile and gurgle away..the love you feel is so overwhelming you want to burst with happiness...i must admit i forgot what its like to see the world through a childs eyes when my older children grew up and left home..but thanks to 2 little miracles i am refreshed and see the world in its greatness and wonderful ways all over again...its a great gift and one i'm going to enjoy everyday for the rest of my life...
    take care

  2. Gorgeous photos - you can't help but smile when you look at them!