Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Into The Light

For two long weeks, darkness has held its heavy hand on my head. The sun has shown a sluggish reluctance to shine and our days have been spent in the daze of a perpetual dusk. We've cowered in rooms devoid of daylight whilst a dismal grayness has sat over the un-boarded windows and night has pushed its way ever earlier into the day.

But today, miraculously, light has banished the darkness. The boards that blocked up our windows have come down and brilliant light is streaming across the dust-strewn floors. It's twinkling through the mesh in the playpen, casting startling shadows on the walls and illuminating downy baby locks so that John plays in a halo of light.

I had no idea how much I had missed the everyday miracle of light until it splashed its glory across my floor.


  1. Enjoy your sunlight..i love seeing the sun surrounding my littlies hair..as its blonde it looks so fine and golden and a real halo..its lovely to let the light in..always makes you feel better..

  2. What a beautiful photos. Love your blog!