Wednesday, 17 November 2010


We walked around the Mere on the most beautiful day of the Autumn and John stopped strangers with his smile. 

Walkers who were busy watching the sunlight scatter gold across the water and dogs gambol happily in the leaves suddenly stopped short and gazed instead at my boy. They smiled with surprise at his grin and greeted him as he giggled. They commented on his rosy cheeks and complimented him on his smile.

I know that it's simply good manners to fuss over the beauty of other people's babies and I myself have been guilty of calling a baby 'adorable' when in fact it looked like a potato.

But when strangers marvel at the beauty of my boy I still feel hot pride interrupt my heartbeat and when one girl pronounced John 'the cutest baby she'd ever seen' I had to grip the buggy tightly because I honestly thought I would melt.

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  1. well hun melt away because he is totally gorgeous..i too am guilty of saying that some babies are cute when they actually look like E.T... your boy is a happy chappy and his smile is infectious so you can't help but adore him..