Monday, 22 November 2010

The Witching Hour

When the moon is high, the skies are black and witches are said to roam abroad, reality can warp into insanity and strange and surreal things can occur.

Beautiful babies can morph into vampires and sink their teeth into the breast; exhausted mothers can scream at biting babies and then weep with regret and remorse; sleep can escape from the grips of little ones leaving them sobbing for hours in frustration; sleep-talking daddies can lunge out of bed to save phantom babies from falling; confused and crying babies can stage feeding strikes that leave both mother and baby in tears; desperate daddies can resort to singing in a bid to get babies to sleep; cot-bound infants can tire of crying and start throwing themselves at the bars and all resolutions can fly out of the window as the minutes drag into hours.

But once in a while, when the moon is full, magic can happen after midnight. A tired, tear-stained babe can stand at his cot, look at his parents and smile. A weary Mummy and Daddy can raise their heads from their pillows and feel their own smiles swell.

A giggle can sound from the cot, an echo can return from the bed and soon laughter can float from an upstairs window and drift out into the moonlight beyond.

Of course such magic is fleeting and laughter soon turns back to tears. But when the witching hour falls on subsequent nights the memory can help guide you through until dawn.


  1. Thats beautiful...hope you and baby sleep well

  2. So well expressed, wishing you all sweet dreams tonight.

  3. I seriously hope one day you will consider putting all these beautiful words into a book for new mums.