Monday, 20 December 2010

The Chistmas Party

The foolishness that I'd felt at dressing John in his best dungarees was assuaged when I arrived to find that the other mothers had dressed their offspring in crimson Christmas outfits.

The babies sat propped against the padded sides of the ball pool like fat, floppy elves whilst their mothers arranged plates of egg sandwiches and bowls of crisps on the laden buffet table and chatted somewhat over-excitedly about their forays into Internet shopping.

There was a hum of excitement in the air and although we all knew that the Under 1's Christmas party was not the social event of the century we couldn't help but feel it. 

Because in a season that's designed especially for children we'd somehow been forgotten. Our babies were too small to visit Santa or make paper snowmen or bake gingerbread cookies or squeal at the sight of snow, and whilst we all knew that there would be many years ahead in which to enjoy these things, I think we all felt a little cheated.

We wanted to share the joys of Christmas with our little ones and to play the games that we'd associated with motherhood for as long as we could remember, and we wanted to do it now without feeling silly or self-indulgent or sad.

And so, for one happy morning we did.  

We sat in a circle playing pass the parcel whilst oohing and ahhing dramatically for the benefit of the babies on our knees; we clapped and smiled as dexterous mothers ripped open layers of shiny paper one-handedly ; we stuffed our faces with party food whilst our babies kicked and played unattended on the floor; we sang along to the Christmas songs that had been haunting our dreams for days and when Father Christmas arrived with a sack -full of presents we whooped and giggled as giddily as children.

I know this little gathering won't feature as one of John's top ten Christmas parties, but it gave me an excuse to make rocky road, it gave me a reason to smile and it gave me a chance to celebrate Christmas with a group of newfound friends. I think it was one of the best Christmas parties I've ever had the pleasure of attending.


  1. Mark's first Christmas, he was not quite 3 months old. Thankfully my sister-in-law invited us and there were willing hands to play pass the baby, who was enchanted by a large mylar helium balloon. And yes, he had a Christmas outfit. And I was relieved by the chance to eat and drink two handed.