Tuesday, 28 December 2010

In the Snow

With stuffy heads and over-stretched stomachs we wrapped ourselves up and ventured out into the snow.

As the cold air bit at our cheeks and breathed new life into our smiles, the intensity of Christmas melted away and the importance of presents diminished. The pressures of visiting dwindled and the need for noisy chit-chat vanished.

And there in the cold, as we introduced John to sledging, the distinction between 'james' family' and just 'family' blurred once again, until it was as hard to distinguish as the sledge-tracks in the snow.

1 comment:

  1. Oh! What a treat - so many pictures of John looking adorable with his rosy cheeks. I particularly love these of him sledging with his Daddy. I am not sure who is having the most fun!

    Happy New Year to you all - I hope that you have recovered from the bug and wish you so much fun as the days get warmer and John discovers the world that is waiting for him.