Friday, 17 December 2010

It Matters

It doesn't matter that he doesn't know that it's Christmas.

It doesn't matter that the nativity story makes him smile simply because the sheep have woolly coats and donkeys make very funny noises.

It doesn't matter that his heart doesn't thrill at the miracle of angels and his eyes don't light up with wonder when we sing the soft sounds of 'Silent Night'. 

It doesn't matter that a Christmas tree seems no more extraordinary to him than a table lamp or that a carol service seems no more magical than Sunday school.  

It doesn't matter that "he's too little to know much about it" or that "he'll enjoy the wrapping more than the presents" and it doesn't matter that won't remember any of it next month or in the years to come.    

It matters that we show him the magic of Christmas. Because it matters so much to me.


  1. Christmas isn't for children, it's for parents! I get so excited filling my big kids' stockings.

    Just you wait until he's in his first nativity play. Take a box of tissues. Mine are all too old for nativity plays now.

    Sue x

  2. Thing is though - it suddenly does matter - when you put together a Christmas scrapbook of photos - I finally did mine a few years ago - all their first Christmas photos, putting food out for Rudloph photos, Letters to and from Santa, all their nativity photos etc etc - Such a lot of pleasure for us all and what bribery fodder with regards "Shall I show this to new girlfriends?" LOL!!

  3. I think, no matter how tiny, that they feel the magic. It's in the air.