Thursday, 2 December 2010

This Box

This box holds a bear and some jelly beans, a bag of blocks and some play dough, a yo-yo and a wooden train, a little blue hat and a small pair of gloves, some chunky wax crayons and a big sticker book, a box of chalk and a domino set, some toiletries, an assortment sweets and a Winnie the Pooh washmit.

It was wrapped and packed carefully so that each present fitted perfectly in its proper place and no gaps would be left unfilled, and it sat on my windowsill for a week tempting me to take out all the presents, one by one, just to re-pack them again.

Its toys were bought with a secretive sort of excitement that I can never quite re-capture, and when I'd dropped it off at the warehouse and seen it join thousands of other brightly wrapped boxes, stacked up like giant building blocks, I knew that Christmas was coming.

Soon, this box will soon be making its way to a little boy who I've never met but who deserves to be loved every bit as much as my boy.

I hope that he enjoys unwrapping it as much as I enjoyed wrapping it. I hope that his serious eyes will light up at the sight of a bag full of blocks. I hope that some of these toys will become treasures that he values for years to come. I hope that the hat and gloves will help keep  his little body warm when the nights are dark and cold. I hope that he giggles at the sticky fizziness of a Wham bar and feels wonderfully grown-up when he brushes the sugar from his teeth. I hope that his chalk will draw a hop-scotch on the tarmac and that other children will join him in his game. And I pray that between the tightly-packed gifts he will find some of the happiness and hope that are at the very heart of Christmas.

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  1. Filling the shoeboxes has become the first celebration of Christmas each year for my girls. they look forward to it tremendously.