Sunday, 30 January 2011

Big Steps


Sometimes his growing is as gradual as the lengthening of the days; other times, it's like the daffodils flowering on my windowsill; one minute a tightly-closed bud, the next a beautiful bloom.

Yesterday he was a crawler - today he's taken his first, wobbly steps.

We feel awed, humbled and exhausted having witnessed this miracle in motion.


  1. You've just taken me back 15 years. I thought I'd forgotten.

    Those little carts are marvellous aren't they?

  2. they are little miracles!

    and Ellis still falls asleep eating!! life is just so exhausting!

  3. How could that have happened, so fast??!! There'll be no stopping him now.
    Your piccies brought back the utter thrill - my second son is pondering his first car purchase today - gulp!!

  4. Exhausting work - lovely pictures x

  5. It only seems like yesterday but this takes me back 50 years - and the same trolley of bricks! Cherish the moment and thank you for letting us share these precious milestones.
    Bobby x

  6. Mine had the exact same trolley. Walking is exhausting business, clearly.