Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Fragments of Joy

Back in October when I picked up my tile cutters and tried my hand at mosaics, I had completely forgotten about the unbearable bleakness of January.

I'd forgotten the misery of shivering at breakfast and the exhaustion of endless grey afternoons. I'd forgotten the despondency that descends with the darkness and the unimaginable remoteness of spring.

And so, as I shaped and stuck the tiles to this little pot, I had no concept of the joy it would bring, sitting on my windowsill in a rare pool of January sunshine, with iris bulbs stretching their necks towards the light.

And I had no idea that fragments of glass reflecting fragments of light could bring such brilliant fragments of joy to my day.


  1. Funny how we forget isn't it? - I am totally over excited in a childish kind of way by vases of daffoldils at the moment! Long may these "unexpecteds" continue :)