Tuesday, 25 January 2011

He's Mine

I abandoned the buggy at the foot of the stairs and when I turned around a small group of admirers had formed around my boy basking in the blessings of his smiles.

I hovered behind them as they gushed and grinned, until a lady turned, noticed me and asked me: "Is he yours?"

"Yes," I said instinctively, and then flushed crimson as the word dropped from my lips.

Because in that instant, the reality hit me afresh and the pleasure and pride that coursed through my veins was physical.

I live with the reality of this miracle each and every day and yet I don't stop and marvel at it nearly often enough.

Yes, he's mine. He's mine.

1 comment:

  1. Great feeling isn't it? And it never ever leaves you! I even felt it when I watched my son (24) striding past me with his lovely grin at this graduation ceremony.
    We are truly blessed :)