Thursday, 27 January 2011

Stop the Clock

If I could stop the clock this very second he'd always have layers of chubby dimples on his arms,and his feet would always fit in the palm of my hand.

When he woke at night his breath would always smell sweet and milky, and his tears would always be stayed at my breast.

If I could stop the clock today a 'boo' would always bring a smile to his lips and his excitement would always be vocalised with squeals.

He'd always clap when we waved him goodbye and his hair would always be as soft and fluffy as down.

If I could stop the clock right now he'd always babble to himself in whispers as he played and he'd always sleep with his bottom in the air.

He'd always bury his face in my neck when I pulled him in close for a cuddle and he'd always dribble grape-juice down his chin in his hurry to gobble them down. 

If I could stop the clock this very moment I'd never have to tell him off and I'd never have to leave him.

I'd always have him on my hip, he'd always sleep beside my bed and he'd always need me for love.

But if I could stop the clock this very second I'd never hear him say 'mama' or see him take a step or watch him grow tall and strong.

I'd never know his favourite colour or hear his greatest dreams or learn what he loves in the world.

We'd never share a secret, we'd never build a den, we'd never chase the waves, and we'd never watch the stars.

And so even if I was able to stop the clock today I'd probably leave it to tick.


  1. He will always need you for love. Always. But if mine are anything to go by, there is quite a bit of telling off to come...

  2. And he'd never say 'Do you want a cup of tea mum?'
    My big 15 year old boy still wants hugs and his face always has a big smile of greeting on it as he walks up the drive when he returns from school.

  3. And you'd never hear "Can I borrow your car, Mom?" !!

    I bet that sounds crazy that your adorable baby John will EVER drive your car - LOL!!!

  4. He would never stroll out of the house for a drink with his dad. The last time that happened to me I felt overcome with gratitude and love for the exasperating pair of them even though MasterM was complaining that his father had beaten him at snooker and MrM was looking very smug.

  5. Your beautiful words describing the deliciousness of his baby self will be very priceless in a few years. It is so hard to remember their little selves when they get taller than their mommies!