Friday, 25 February 2011

The Book Corner

If there's a sudden hush in the house in the middle of the day it probably means that John is absorbed in his books.  

He'll be sitting in the book corner amid a sea of colourful board books, intently turning the pages and staring silently at what he sees.

For a few magical minutes, my presence will be unnecessary and he'll be oblivious to my work. Playtime will pause and the house and I will sigh with relief as we watch and smile and wait for the happy madness to resume.  

Several times a day I will stoop down to pick up the books that are strewn across the floor in the book corner and several times a day John will stand beside the little table that holds his books and systematically pull them back to the floor.

But the delight that sweeps through my heart when I witness my baby getting lost in the magic of books is enough to make me savour this simple task, and the joy that I get from watching him 'read' always puctuates my days with beautiful moments of bliss.


  1. Beautiful photos - he looks like a proper "big boy"!!
    Bit scary how they grow so fast.
    Please consider writing a book, Helen, you would inspire first time Moms.

  2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Peepo, Each Peach Pear Plum and The Tiger Who Came to Tea were some of our favourites when the children were little. And of course all of Shirley Hughes' books which I have kept and will never throw out. You lucky thing to have all that ahead of you.

  3. MasterM was a member of the local library from the age of 8 weeks. They were a bit surprised but they agreed that babies need books and so they issued a membership card. I can't claim that it converted him into a lifetime reader but it gave me an excuse to read all the lovely childrens books.

  4. What a beautiful set of pictures. I agree with Sue - the Shirley Hughes books are great. They are still my favourites. x