Thursday, 10 February 2011

Busy Doing Nothing

If you come round to my house and peek through my window you'll probably see me sitting on the floor.

My baby boy will be utterly engrossed in his toys and I'll be staring silently into space whilst he plays obliviously around me.

I won't be cleaning the grimy windows or painting the walls, I won't be cooking a nutritious meal for my family or reading a good book, and I won't be soothing my soul by writing or keeping my hands busy with knitting.

Because the second I get up to do any of these things my contented little babe will fret and cry and then scream until I rejoin him on the floor.

So if you come round to my house and peek through my window, you'll see me busy doing nothing.

I'll be gazing out of the dirty windows that I'll never have the chance to clean, dreaming up stories that I'll never have the chance to write, planning elaborate meals that I'll never have the chance to cook and sitting on twitchy fingers that will never have the chance to knit.

And I'll be wondering, for about the two hundredth time that day, whether every other mother in the world is quietly doing the same thing.


  1. Probably.
    After a while I found myself a baby proof (ha!!) Mommy box so when I got trapped on the floor there was something for me to play with too - LOL!!

  2. Quite possibly. I know I did. Though I used to leave little piles of something small to get on with in all the places where I usually got trapped, to stave off the feelings of wasting time.

  3. Hmmm... this is why siblings are so handy. But for the first baby, maybe tie your notebook and pencil around your neck....

  4. But sometimes it's good to be busy doing nothing. You're not wasting time, you're creating memories. x

  5. I think that clever young man is training you quite nicely!