Thursday, 17 February 2011


Finally, the sweater that I began a full five months ago is finished. And whilst it's true that there's a pleasure to be had from creation, the pleasure that's come from completion is perhaps just as sweet.

As my first attempt at a proper pattern, this sweater sat on the needles for weeks on end whilst I awaited a quiet moment in which to sit in silence, counting stitches and muttering "K1, P3, K2, P2" incessantly beneath my breath.

There were times - when I was ripping out hours-worth of work or spending more time consulting the wisdom of YouTube than I was actually knitting - that I thought that I'd bitten off more than I could chew.

But now that it's all sewn together and magically transformed itself into a sweater, the hours of manic muttering suddenly seem worthwhile, and even though the pattern doesn't quite resemble that on the picture, my boy and I really couldn't be happier with the result.


  1. Wow - well done you - that pattern looks scary.
    Little chap looks handsome (and full of mischief!!)

  2. Lovely (and a very handsome model too!).

  3. What a lovely jumper, it looks like a tricky knit.
    I agree with Ali too - he's a lovely model! x

  4. That is the perfect jumper for Young Master Smiler. It will keep him warm and cosy on his crawling expeditions which look as though they are not far away.