Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Playing Pollyanna

On the longest and greyest winter days, when time seems to have stopped still and Spring seems as distant as the stars, it takes a special sort of effort just to stay slightly sane.

It takes all my strength to smile for my baby, all my stamina to sing, and all my soul to survive.

And so on days like this, when the clouds crowd around my windows and the bleakness becomes too much to bear, I pretend that I'm Pollyanna and focus on the little things in life that have the power to make me glad.

 Like baby toes at breakfast:

Messages of goodwill in my block trolley:

Beautiful irises blocking my view of bare plaster:

His very first feel of play-dough:

And chocolate, raspberry muffins:

And once I start playing the glad game, the bleakness that seemed unbearable blends into the background and I notice that there is happiness to be found almost everywhere I turn.


  1. There's definitely lots to be glad about in your post today, especially tiny toes and chocolate, raspberry muffins.

    But I know what you mean, it's hard to be Pollyanna on a grim, dark day. x

  2. Life is a kaleidoscope filled with lots of little bright moments - when it's a bit dark in the kaleidoscope tube we just need to remember to look for the shiny bits - they are always close by :)

  3. This is such a hard time of year. Sometimes I just have to invent some fun -- like tea by the fire, with music! -- or a trip to the flower shop -- or, best of all, coffee with friends in a cozy diner. By the way, I used to work at the church down the street from the Pollyanna house (film location), and walk past it most days on my lunch break. It's in a beautiful neighborhood in my old town. She is a good person to remember!