Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Celebrating John

Of course there were presents and balloons, streamers and flowers, cards and toys, candles and cake.

Of course there was the shiny satisfaction of a scrubbed-clean house, the thrill of using an almost-finished room, the busyness of a well-planned party tea, the jollity of assembled guests, the festivities of a feast, the pride in a well-baked cake, the thrill of perfectly-chosen presents, the smiles of a happy birthday chorus, the excitement of a brand new sandpit, the relief of a happy, smiling boy, the gratitude of unexpected gifts and the exhaustion of a busy day.

But the things that I want to remember about John's first party are none of these at all.

Instead, what I want to remember is the look of childish glee on the faces of John's grandparents as they walked in with helium balloons,  the way conversation would pause quite suddenly as everyone became engrossed in the wonder of my boy, the moment when my mum said grace and for a second I thought I would cry, the look of utter disgust on John's face as he first ran his fingers through cold sand, the pride that made me tingle every time he smiled and above all the easy and comfortable togetherness that came from our love for this little boy.


  1. What a very special day - and a very happy little boy. I'm glad you have such sweet memories of the day. x

  2. Oh, happy birthday John! It all looks wonderful, and you words are beautiful as ever x