Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Hello March

Hello March, you harbinger of hope and herald of the light.

Hello, you month of shivers and sunshine, frosts and flowers, breezes and buds, lightness and life.

Welcome, new promises, new life, new beginnings, new year.

You will always be special to me because you are the month that tested me, tore me open, changed my life, and blessed me beyond belief.  

You're a month for looking forward and backwards, for planning and remembering, for wondering and celebrating, for thinking and above all for thanking.  

Yes, March, you're a special month indeed, and whenever I see the daffodils trumpeting their golden glory from the hedgerows I will raise my face to the sunlight and rejoice in the splendour of March.


  1. Beautiful beautiful lighting in your picture and very lovely words. x

  2. Is there a special birthday coming up this month? My baby was born in March too. When I brought her home from the hospital the cherry tree in our front garden was in full bloom.