Saturday, 26 March 2011

He's One

My baby boy is one. Somehow, a full year has slipped through my fingers, and whilst I was busy tickling his tummy and curling my fingers around his toes he was busy making a circuit of the sun.

And so with joy in my heart and a tear in my eye, I celebrate his first year of life.

This birthday boy is so different from the tiny, sleepy one that I welcomed into the world twelve months ago and yet he's still the same peaceful, contented little soul that melted my heart from the start.

His sunny spirit and and ready smile bring joy to all he meets and have blessed me with more happiness in one year than I ever expected in a lifetime.   

He's an adventurer and a walker, a fearless, unstoppable explorer, an inquisitive spirit, a smiler, a sociable soul, a charmer.

He's a giggler, a wriggler, a cuddler, a snuggler, a wonderer a wanderer, a happy-go-lucky toddler.

Not a day has gone by when I haven't been astonished by his bright and beautiful spirit and astounded by the depths of my love for him.

Happy Birthday, happy boy. You are such a blessing to us and it's been a privilege and an unceasing joy to have spent this first year with you. xx


  1. Hope you've all had a lovely day with a very special little boy.

    That cake is amazing - it looks so sophisticated and very yummy. x

  2. I can just imagine the "after I ate some of Mom's gorgeous chocolate cake" picture :)
    Happy Birthday!