Monday, 11 April 2011


Every single day, the world is getting warmer, the sunshine is getting brighter and the perimeters of our world are getting larger.

Windows that have been barricading us safely from the elements all winter long are being thrown open to let merry breezes whisk the dust from the windowsills, and wispy white clouds are skittering across the skies inviting us outside to play.

And as we venture out into the miraculous warmth of this newly awakening world and gaze with wide-eyed wonder at the new life that's unfolding all around I feel my smile settle easily back into the folds of my face and feel my soul unfurling in my chest like the blossom in the trees above me.


  1. So much to explore - this is my very favourite period of childhood and John's timed his just right to take advantage of the sunshine.

  2. Oooh me too - great isn't it!!

  3. Yay for breaks from routine and the adventures that come with them. x