Saturday, 7 May 2011

Curly Locks

I've finally conceded that John might very soon need a haircut. But it's just made me love his soft baby curls all the more intensely.


  1. It's a big responsibility - deciding how their hair is going to be. But rest assured, when he gets to about 10, he'll have very firm ideas all of his own! At least, as my husband tells me, it isn't tattoos yet.

    Save one of those curls, won't you?

  2. My little fellow has rather long hair as it's very, very blonde and I don't want to get it cut too often as it's so pretty. I tell myself it's the surfer look.
    If you let me have your address I'll send you a little something to keep a treasured curl in.

  3. I think little boys with curly hair are the best! x

  4. Can't you just snip a bit off the ends so you don't lose the curls??

    Your blog is lovely!
    I want to come back and visit again!