Thursday, 5 May 2011

Life Lessons:

* There's no point in feeling self-satisfied for having locked the fridge door if you've left a bag full of groceries sitting on the kitchen floor.

* A toddler has an uncanny ability to sift through a bag of shopping and pick out the item that has the potential to cause the most glorious mess.

* It takes a one-year-old roughly a minute (the time it takes to rinse limescale out of a kettle) to swipe a box of eggs from the kitchen, open it, and discover that its contents are satisfyingly breakable.

* The look of delight on the toddler's face as he swooshes slimy egg-white on the tiles makes it impossible to do anything but laugh.

* Cleaning up egg-white actually just means spreading it right through the house (particularly when helped by someone small and very enthusiastic)

* Mopping up broken eggs is possibly even more enjoyable than breaking them in the first place. 

* Stopping to giggle and photograph the carnage means that you only have yourself to blame when slimy, eggy water is sloshed all over the seat of your sofa.


  1. Glad you giggled - if you've broken an egg, might as well make the most of it, eh? Don't you love how they are so completely in the moment - I could do well to learn from that.

  2. Every day a learning day! I imagine the mess wasn't easy to clean though - ah, well....