Monday, 20 June 2011

Father's Day

Of course, there are times when he's not here. There are times when he's distant and busy and distracted with work, and there are times when his life seems so separate from mine that I can barely comprehend it at all.

And when these times come, and the burden of parenting falls heavily on my shoulders, it's easy for me to feel distant and deserted.

It's easy to feel begrudging towards the job that pulls him endlessly away from our home and resentful of the work that makes him purposeful and passionate and proud.

And yet, when I stop and consider it, I know that it's because of his work that our little family exists.

It's because of the sacrifice that he makes every time he walks out of the door that we're able to live the way we live and love the way we love; it's because of his separate, other life that I have the awesome opportunity to nurture my babe by my side and it's because his work makes him purposeful and passionate and proud that he's the man that I love.

And so even though there are times when I miss him and the burden of parenting weighs heavily on my heart I know that my burden is light compared with the one he bears.

Because he holds his family on his strong and sturdy shoulders, and  his arms are ready to catch and cuddle us whenever we wobble or fall.

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  1. I wish I felt as gracious about the absence of ours. He's just told me he's off all next week on yet another business trip - this one has the joy of not even an end date in sight. Last time one of those came up, he went awol for 6 weeks.

    I do not know how single parents hold it together.