Thursday, 9 June 2011

Half Term

It was the kind of half-term that could so easily fade into forgetfulness. There were no grand adventures or spectacular photo opportunities, and there were no momentous accomplishments or exciting family outings.

There were just everyday achievements, good intentions, blessed moments of restfulness and the relief of time spent together.

And so in the years to come when we look back at this half term, we might forget that in amongst the duties and the downtime, there were moments of brilliance and beauty. And we might not recall the little glimpses of wonder that lit up these few special days, in the midst of the weary weeks.  

Like the rainy bank holiday Monday that turned out to be punctuated with flashes of sunshine so brilliant that they illuminated my boy's hair into a halo,and caused us to seek shade beneath dock leaves.

Or the peaceful joy of spending time with my family on a day when the pressures of life paused for a moment and allowed us simply to be together.

Like the excitement of our first family bike ride and the sight of John's happy smile as he experienced the elation of sailing downhill at speed.

Or the relief of being able to set aside all the pouting and petulance that I've associated with cycling ever since my childhood and enjoy the experience for all its vigour and joy.

Like the thrill of a hot mid summers day landing quite unexpectedly in the midst of a forgettable week full of sunshine and showers, and the satisfaction that came from being able to seize it with both hands.

Or the utterly blissful sight of a naked baby playing in the sunshine.

And like the perfect devotion of a grandmother and the way that her love is reflected straight back to her from the face of my little boy.

Yes, it was a half term holiday that could slip into forgetfulness, but these simple moments have imprinted themselves on my memory and now that I've stopped and recorded them I know they'll stay with me for good.

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  1. I think these small and unimportant days are the ones we are most glad to have captured later on. Especially when our children are little.