Friday, 15 July 2011

Barefoot Afternoons

All week, as the skies have opened and sunshine has poured forth onto the earth, we've been spending our afternoons barefoot. 

We've been busily working our way through our mornings, with their usual tasks and trips and toddler groups, but our afternoons have been as free and clear as the blue skies overhead.

We've sat in the overgrown beauty of our garden in between the heavy branches of the fruit trees and stretched our toes out amidst a bouncy carpet of clover. And as the bees have droned in the flowers and tractors have droned in the distance, we've delighted in doing nothing.

Sometimes we've read, sometimes we've scrambled and played in the car and sometimes, when the garden has started to seem small, we've wandered down the lane to pay a visit to the horses; but mostly we've spent our time soaking up the silence and the sunshine, and it's been restorative, restful, beautiful and blissful. 

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