Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Best Things In Life...

On an overcast afternoon, during a severe bout of toy fatigue, I almost climbed into the car and drove to town to buy the boy something new.

But when the rain clouds thinned and the sun broke through the clouds, I gathered up treasures from the floor of my garden instead, and presented them to him in a plant pot.

I set them on our little garden table, beside a big bowl of water and a few twigs and then I sat back on the grass and basked in the blissful sound of silence.

I watched him choose apples and pebbles with serious deliberation and then plop them into the water; I saw him stir the stew with intense concentration and I sat quietly as he scooped dirt up with his spoon and transferred it from one pot to the next with utter absorption.

And as I watched him work, and marvelled at the intensity of his play, I knew that no matter how many toy's I'd bought him or how much money I'd spent, none of them would have held his concentration so completely as this.


  1. Isn't nature wonderful, I love a bit of outdoorsy, natural play! Mud pies next?? hehe!!

    Lovely post!

  2. Those pictures are magical - my kind of play!

  3. Oh! Those rosy cheeks and the fierce concentration. He is adorable!

    What could be nicer than stone and leaf soup stirred with a twig?