Wednesday, 27 July 2011


The camera bleeped three times at me and then flashed up two exclamation marks and this alarming message: "Card Not Initialized."

It refused to be read in the card reader; it refused to function in the camera, it refused to mend itself magically, and it refused to heed my heartfelt prayers.

And so, after half a week of worry, several trips to the computer repair shop and an evening full of tears, I've come to accept that three month's worth of photographs have been wiped from the card.

Some have thankfully been recovered, some have been re-formatted into mosaics that are beautiful and heartbreaking, some offer the tiniest tantalising glimpses of the pictures that once were there and many have been lost for good.

And although I'm thankful for those that still remain and grateful for this blog which continues to keep my memories safe, I cannot help but feel mournful for the tiny glimpses of everyday life that have been lost, fearful for the memories that may be lost with them, and strangely bereft in the face of such a small and everyday disaster - as though it were a small slice of my boy's childhood that has been eradicated rather than a few mediocre pictures documenting sunshine and smiles.


  1. Oh nooooo. Technology is the best until it fails.

  2. Sorry to hear that. I hadn't uploaded my photos from last Christmas when we were burgled and my camera was taken. It's so annoying! At least we have the mental memories! x

  3. I am so sorry - nothing that anyone says will recreate those photos. It might be a small consolation to know that I find that you only need one wonderful photo to recreate the memories and you have so many safely stored on this blog to make you smile.