Sunday, 31 July 2011


I may no longer have the perfect picture of John splashing with the hosepipe, and I may no longer have twenty-seven shots that record a second-by-second account of his joy.

But I have this little glimpse of the happiness that was had, and really, it is enough.

Enough to remind me of the perfect giggles that rang across the valley as water sprayed though the air, enough to bring back the pure elation on his face as he spun and shook the water from the hose, enough to help me recall my Dad's grunts and cries as he was splashed unexpectedly in the face and enough to remind me of the clear brilliance of that silent summer's day when the air was so light it was cool.

It's not the perfect picture - but it's enough to remind me of a beautiful summer's moment and so for me it's more than enough.

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