Saturday, 20 August 2011

Horsey Horsey!

There are many things that I have yet to learn about my boy, but one thing I do know is that he really does love horses.

His little face lights up as he hears them approaching, he clacks his tongue against the roof of his mouth and jiggles on the spot as the sound of their hooves grows louder and then he chases them down the road waving in delight until horse and rider have rounded the corner and disappeared from sight.

And so it seemed to me that I simply had to make him a hobby horse, and when I found these (very comprehensive) instructions to help me along the way an urgent project was begun.

This horsey is an affable, handsome and curious sort of fellow who has been readily adopted into our family.

His new owner greeted him with a polite "he-wo" (hello) and  few gentle strokes before riding him click clack, click clack up and down the kitchen, and I have fallen firmly in love with him.

Welcome to our family Mr horsey, we look forward to having you grace the corner of our toy box for many years to come.


  1. How wonderful! A hobby horse was a top toy in these parts for a while, but I'm ashamed to say it was a plush job with an electronic button in the ear so you could make it neigh.
    Yours has future heirloom written all over it. And John looks so happy!

  2. We had one like Ali's too. I prefer yours Helen. John obviously loves him.

  3. This is absolutely lovely. I can't believe you made it - it's gorgeous. Definitely something to keep in the family for many generations.

    I agree with Ali - John's face just shows how happy he is! x

  4. Beautiful! When I was young we too had a homemade hobby horse but ours was nowhere near as lovely as John's, it was made from a sock and a broom handle and we called him Oddsock!