Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Cob Nuts

After a morning in which dust and dirt suffocated my soul making me hot and tetchy and dissatisfied, I came outside to find them silently absorbed in the business of cracking cob nuts on the pile of bricks near the back door.

James was quietly smashing the nuts with half an old quarry tile, whilst John was watching in hungry silence and saying "Peeeee!" (please) at timely intervals before crunching his reward.

When they noticed me standing on the doorstep watching them, they turned to me and smiled.

"So far this morning he's eaten apples, plums, greengages, cob nuts, mulberries and blackberries, all from our garden," said James; and at that moment I remembered that it's possible to have many things that you'd like to change about your life and to have everything you've ever wanted at the very same time.

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