Friday, 5 August 2011

Making Memories

"Everything's temporary," said James as John smashed the last of his Kenyan coasters on the tiles, "including memories. That's why we've got to keep making new ones."

And with those wise words echoing in my ears, we embarked on the Summer holidays - and began making memories:

We watched John eat his first ice cream (and then changed his entire outfit)

We rowed up a river in true holiday fashion and managed to stop the boy from jumping in head-first:

We spent hours on the beach watching the concentration and determination with which three generations of Gordons can dig.

We all got a little over-excited about John's first donkey ride:

We visited a country show and listened to the little boy shout "Da-der" (tractor) approximately two hundred times.

We treated John to the very last of the season's strawberries with Grandad:

And melon standing at the kitchen counter with Grandma:

We watched the boy's love affair with the ocean grow deeper:

And we spent time soaking up all the love and attention that grandparents have to give.

All things might be temporary, but these memories are bright and real right now and if they do fade in the future? Well we'll just have to get busy making more.

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