Sunday, 25 September 2011


-friendly chatter after church
-a peaceful hour with play dough
-the rich dark scent of horse manure
-the sticky fumes of wood stain
-freshly dug earth ready for the winter frost
-the homely scent of stew simmering in the stock pot
-the soft September sunshine brightening the world with beauty
-the scent of mud and manure on John's neck as I lowered him into the bath
-the satisfaction of knowing that two more windows are ready to face the winter storms
-the joy of working seperately and yet being completely together 

There were so many good things about today.


  1. Ah yes, 'the multitude of small delights which constitute happiness'.

  2. Oh Ginger Jumbles...I found you, then lost you and now found you again! I've put you on my bookmarks so that I won't lose you again. Just had a good old catch up...can't believe how much your lovely boy has grown. Cried over your red butterfly....smiled at John's first haircut. I do something special at my salon. We keep a little lock and wrap it carefully in tissue and pop it in a specially made linen bag with the little one's initial embroidered on the front. I take a photo of the first haircut and make a special card to go with it. I just think it's such a big day for everyone involved. I love to see the Mummy's walk away, with their little memento in their hands to keep forever. So glad I found you again. Your writing is as beautiful as I remember. xxx