Friday, 16 September 2011

Upping My Game

Lately, it seems that everyone I meet has been expounding on the wonders of nursery.

"It will be really good for her," says my friend, "I'm sure it's going boost her confidence and stop her being so clingy."

"He loves it" says another. "He's really friendly with the other children and is so happy there."

"It's important for them to get used to being with other kids and have time away from their parents," says yet another." And they do all sorts of activities in nursery - art and craft and messy play - they have a whale of a time!"

And I nod and smile and agree that yes, nursery does sound like a wonderful thing, whilst feeling anxious and awkward and attacked, because John's not experiencing any of these things and his days are spent solely with me.

And so, because it's September, the season of good resolutions, and because these conversations leave my competitive edge feeling flattened, this week I've been busy upping my game.

We've coloured after breakfast (art activity- check) we've visited toddler groups (socialization - check) we've taken a trip to the farm (different environment - check) we've sung songs and rhymes (musical development -check) we've played quietly with blocks (coordination development - check) we've taken long walks (outdoor activity - check) we've spent time squidging play-dough (messy play - check) we've baked apple muffins (super-messy play - check) we've had many, many stories (language development - check) and we've kissed, snuggled and laughed.

I might not send my boy to nursery, but I think I'm doing OK.


  1. What better place for John to be than at home with his mummy? Isn't that how it is supposed to be?

  2. My husband didn't like nursery. He thought it was too chaotic for him and preferred to stay at home or go to his grandparents. It certainly didn't harm him. He's the most intelligent person I know (even if I'm biased) - he has a degree and knows Latin and Greek (which always impresses me and certainly continues to impress my Mum) and he's pretty well socially adjusted. Yes, he even has friends!

    Mr P thinks nursery is overrated. John will have happy memories of being at home with his Mum and when he goes to school will have happy memories there! x

  3. I think you're doing more than ok - check!

    (I'm an ex nursery advisory teacher. I think John's getting the best deal.)


  4. Every child and family is different. I think you seem to being doing a fine job. Your little man is having a variety of experiences with a person who cares for him deeply. This sounds like an excellent start to me.